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Whether you are thinking about unwanted weeds in your lawn or your landscape, most gardeners & homeowners don’t realize that there are fall & winter weeds that germinate and develop in the cool season. Weeds such as Henbit, chickweed, Bittercress, annual bluegrass, and more. Due to our variations in our winter weather and climate, we often receive temperatures allowing many cool season weeds to germinate from November thru the entire winter season allowing them to kick into high gear by early spring once warming conditions arise. 

Getting a handle and head start on these cool season germinating weeds is best managed by applying a pre-emergent herbicide that generally goes on in a convenient granular formulation that you spread over the mulch or soil surface within landscape plantings and wherever  one wants to prevent unwanted germination of various broadleaf and grass weed seeds. Various brands are available but we commonly promote HiYield Weed & Grass Stopper available in small 1 lb shaker can, 12 lb bags, and a larger 35 lb bag for larger areas. What’s most important is that this product goes down before germination of weed, wanting to be controlled, has occurred. When this herbicide creates a small herbicide barrier, the weed is killed shortly after it’s germination exposes it to the herbicide barrier. This will have no affect on those weeds that have already germinated.
For those weeds that have already germinated or wanted to be killed after they have already germinated and began to establish themselves, a liquid herbicide that’s designed for cooler weather needs to be used. This is common to many types of herbicides used but have an added ingredient increasing their take up and effectiveness during the cooler season. Such type is Fertilome Weed Free Zone which is a liquid herbicide focused for broadleaf weeds both within the lawn and landscape but will not kill out grassy weeds as it’s intended for broadleaf weeds only. This is the reason it can be used as a selective herbicide also within the lawn not harming your existing lawn.
No matter whether you focus is in the lawn or landscape, just ask any of our associates about the right product to best meet your needs. So, just remember that effective weed control starts early and is always best when using preventative measures and never allowing weeds to get a head start in your lawn and/or landscape.

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