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Cactus and succulents are really enjoying their day in the sun, so to speak!  Seems like they gain new fans every day and we’re keeping up with the demand here at EJC.  Come make your selections from hundreds of possibilities!

Any large shallow pot can be an excellent choice for a cacti and/or succulent garden, and our selection of these includes ones made from terra cotta which increases “breathing” and reduces the odds of overwatering.  (The most common mistake made is that of over-watering)  A moisture meter for the soil can be helpful (we have those in stock) but if in doubt, don’t water!  

Once you have chosen your pots and cactus and/or succulents, pick up a special soil blend created specifically for either cactus or one for succulents.  We also offer a fertilizer formulated for succulent and cactus growth. During the spring and summer growing season, they should be watered once a week with a thorough soil soak, but in late fall and winter you should only be watering once every 3-4 weeks.

Here is a look at some of favorite cactus and succulents in the EJC greenhouses:

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