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Pair up brilliant shiny green leaves with bright pops of red and what do you get?  Berry producing shrubs that will bring your winter landscape to life!  And let’s not forget shrubs whose stems & branches shine bright green and red in the wintertime too!  Our Tree & Shrub Department has lots of gorgeous options for adding color to your winter landscape.

*Holly – Available in Evergreen and deciduous varieties, there are lots of holly shrubs to choose from with bright red berries and several different leaf types.  They are great in the landscape AND work great for holiday decorations too!

*Nandina – The most popular is the Heavenly Bamboo Nandina, a versatile evergreen shrub with a beautiful red leaf and big clusters of red berries.

*Dogwood, Hawthorn & Crabapple Trees – These spring flowering trees also produce a unique berry-like fruit in fall that looks great during the winter that also serves as a food source for birds and other wildlife.

*Pyracanthia – This great shrub is often used to train on walls or other structures, and produces beautiful red and bright orange berries to enjoy during fall & winter.

*Beautyberry – One of the most unique berry-producing shrubs available, this one is a real standout in any landscape with an abundance of bright purple berries! Check out a new variety of Beautyberry named Purple Glam –  during the growing season, it pushes the purplish tone right into the foliage too!

*Cranberry Viburnum – The pretty bright red berries these produce keep on comin’, even after the leaves have fallen!

*Chokeberry – This spring flowering shrub come in varieties that produce either red or black berries in the fall and winter – birds love them!

Red Twig Dogwoods –  Prized for adding interest to your winter landscape, these trees specifically produce bright red stemmed branches that look beautiful against a winter background!

Kierra – Speaking of beautiful stems, this Japanese rose summer-flowering shrub keeps bright green stems all winter long.

Japanese Maples – This smaller ornamental maples produces a rainbow of colored stems that look great in winter, including red, orange and golden shades too.

European White Birch – A stunning addition to your winter landscape, this medium sized ornamental shade tree produces white bark on its trunk and branches.  Pair it with some of the other trees & shrubs mentioned in this article to keep you smiling all winter long!

BONUS: The branches and leaves of these make gorgeous additions to Christmas décor such as wreaths, roping, & swags. Just clip and add to your fresh greenery for a stunning effect!


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