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Being a wiz at watering is a matter of know what to water, what to NOT water, when to water and how much.  June it is especially important to get watering right, for your plants, flowers and vegetables to enjoy a long healthy summer!

Dry spells are inevitable during June and July and when they hit, you should water your vegetable garden deeply but infrequently, and always in the morning.  The urge may be to water them daily when the temps soar, but doing so may expose your vegetables to fungal diseases.  Remember – deep watering vegetable gardens a couple times a week in early morning is sufficient.

Mulch plays an important role in helping everything retain water. It also adds to the nutrients in the soil as the mulch breaks down, not to mention protecting the roots from the hot sun.  Mulch is especially beneficial to newly planted additions to your landscape..

When it comes to flowers, each type has its own watering needs and it is important to keep up with who needs what!  For instance snapdragons and geraniums prefer being fairly dry, while Impatiens and Million Bells like a moist soil which means daily waterings in the morning.  Feel free to ask our Southern Garden specialists what your particular flowers’ needs are regarding watering.  Sure, you can always look it up on the internet.  But then again, it’s nice to talk to an expert who lives and gardens in the same climate that you do!

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