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It’s a name as lush and exotic as the shrub itself.  Long a staple in southern landscapes, the must-have Azalea – with a big variety of crazy gorgeous colors and lovely dark foliage – is a welcome sight every March, happily chasing away the often somber hues of winter.  Whether Evergreen or Deciduous types, those amazing spring blooms will last several weeks, and later-blooming varieties are available to prolong your pleasure!

Our Azalea Experts offer up the planting and care tips that will help you get the absolute most enjoyment possible from these spectacular shrubs!



*Choose a partial-sun spot or spots in your landscape. Basically this means choose a place where they either receive dappled sunlight throughout the day or direct sunlight for only a limited time of ½ day or less.

*A location with good drainage is essential, due to a fine fibrous root system and shallow rooted nature.

*Do not plant too deep!  How deep exactly will depend on the size of the shrub, but our experts can guide you when you make your purchase.

*Prepare the soil before planting by mixing in some Peat Moss or Daddy Pete’s Composted Cow Manure (an EJC favorite).

*Add Fertilome Root Stimulator when planting to help your shrub establish itself.

* Always apply a 3” layer of pine bark mulch on the soil’s surface below Azaleas to protect their shallow roots from excessive drying.

* Water consistently 2-3 times weekly during their initial development since excessive drying is very stressful to young Azaleas.


Soil supplements spell success and here are our favorites:

*During the bud-to-bloom stage, Azaleas appreciate a light but regular feeding of Fertilome Azalea/Camellia/Rhododendron Fertilizer.

*Since they are an acid-loving shrub, an application or two during the spring of Fertilome Liquid Iron plus Acidifier will yield great results.  Between the iron and the acidifier, this one product will not only result in strong healthy azaleas, but it will also make the foliage larger, glossy, and a nice deep dark green.  Gorgeous!

*Continue to apply Fertilome Root Stimulator on a regular basis through your Azaleas first year of growth to make sure that root system grows strong and healthy.  It truly is the heart of your shrubs.


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