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Haven’t planted your summer annuals yet?  Evergreen of Johnson City is just about the ONLY garden center that offers a new crops of fresh summer annuals all month!  Local gardeners like us know that annuals in our area can last all the way to November in many cases, so June is still the beginning of the annual season!
When you pick up your summer annuals to fill your gardens and landscape, here are some supplements to consider adding to help them thrive all summer long!

1)   Pine Bark Soil Conditioner – super finely ground up pine bark mulch that holds moisture, keeps the soil cooler and after the season ends, is wonderful to mix into the soil for the next year.

2)   Fertilome Gardener’s Special fertilizer –  what  we use in our landscaping department! Packed full of not only the primary nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but also several other “minor” or “trace” elements like boron, magnesium, manganese and others, all of which lead to a great growing season!

3)   Sprinkle as needed some Slug Magic Pellets or Diatomaceous Earth for snails and slug around plants like  marigolds that they love.

4)    Keep on hand some Bonide Rose Shield – we love this product for fungal disease and pesky insects like aphids. New for Evergreen of JC and you’ll love it – it’s very effective!

5)   Soaker hoses – We have several sizes to weave around your plants under the mulch for effective and money saving water use!

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