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Around your deck, on the porch, or incorporated into your landscape, Tropical Plants add a fabulous island flavor to their surroundings.  The Evergreen of Johnson Greenhouses are ready to help bring the tropics to YOUR home and make you feel as though you’re on vacation all summer long!

Tropicals should be fertilized with a water soluble 20-20-20 solution every 10-14 days to promote growth, because if they aren’t growing, they won’t bloom!!! Also, water in morning hours to avoid fungal disease.  Here are some of our favorite tropical plants, all available here at the famous Evergreen of Johnson City Greenhouses:

Photo Credit: Monrovia

Mandevilla Vines – A tropical vine produces a nonstop supply of large, trumpet-shaped blooms all summer! Available in great colors like pink, yellow, red, white – we even have some containers that have more than one color in the same pot!!

Elephant Ears – The large, tropical-looking foliage prefers shade or filtered sun!

Palms – We have different varieties, all great in sunny spots and all hinting at the Islands!

Dwarf Orange/Lime/Banana Trees –  Fragrant and Gorgeous!

Bouganvillae – These are super heat- and dry-tolerant, and beautiful to boot!

California Bush Daisy – Packed full of small, yellow daisy-type blooms!

Macho Fern – Super large fronds are a gorgeous dark green , grows up to 4’!

Gardenia – A heavenly fragrance from a stunning bloom!

Hibiscus – Choose dwarf or tall,  some with more than one color per pot!  Big, showy blooms!

Plumbago – Stunning soft light blue blooms abound!

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