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Succulents are one of the biggest growing trends in gardening and it’s easy to see why! These water saving plants love bright sunshine & the heat of summer days. They are slow growers that store water in the leaves or stems so that means no pruning/deadheading and no need to water frequently. Provide them lots of sunlight & a good well-drained potting soil.

Succulents are easy to grow in containers and due to their varying textures and colors – it’s easy to just mix & match your favorites together! Succulents come in varying looks such as taller focal plants like Aloe & Agave or spreading low growers such as Sedum or Ice Plant. There are lots more that provide a variety of heights, textures, & colors.

Want to create your own succulent container? It’s easy! Just use a Cactus mix soil and a container with a hole in the bottom for the best drainage. Choose from our wide variety of individual succulents. (Many succulents grow slowly so feel free to plant them close together for an instant full look!)

Prefer to leave the creating up to us? We can custom pot a succulent garden or you can choose from any of our pre-made selections.  Take a look at some of our succulent container combinations and individual succulents below.

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