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Water Garden Wonderland

Water Garden Wonderland

Water Garden Wonderland

Adding a container water garden to your deck, porch or landscape is a decision you’ll never regret!  Make this the year you finally do it, and to make sure you do it right, start here at EJC with in our Water Garden Department.  We have everything you’ll need, including expert professional advice every step of the way!

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  • Start by filling the bottom with either soil or gravel, about __ inches. We recommend gravel since it gives a cleaner look and still anchors the plants.
  • When starting, allow the water to reach the same temp as the air before you add plants and fish.
  • For small containers, choose tiny beauties like water lilies.  For larger ones, choose plants of varying heights – for instance, tall erect plants like cattails look great paired with broadleaf plants like elephant’s ear and floating lotus for a splash of color!
  • You can add gorgeous fish like Koi, a pump, even a small fountain if it’s near a water source!  Naturally you’ll find all of that here in our EJC Water Garden Dept.
  • You’ll find algae-prevention products here as well – an important maintenance product for water gardens.  You’ll needs some chlorine removal products if you add fish too.

NOTE: Our first shipment of the season of floating Aquatic plants has arrived, including Water Lilies Water Hyacinths and Water!  And our pond hardy fish are here and ready to be added to your water garden, too.

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