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This month, our tree and shrub spotlight falls on two great choices for winter planting!  By planting your tree or shrub now, it will have time to establish an underground root system so that when growing season arrives in a few months, your addition will have a strong head start.  Almost all trees & shrubs can be planted now, especially deciduous ones. Take a look at the two beauties we picked out for you this month:

Pearl Glam Beautyberry – Take a look at this picture, and we dare you not to say “Wow”!  Spring, Summer and Autumn, this fabulous shrub offers beauty and interest to any landscape, including yours!  One is beautiful.  Three or more is amazing!  And thanks to an upright growing habit, it is a space saver too so multiple plantings is totally doable. The fun starts in spring when the gorgeous dark purple foliage appears.  In late summer, pretty white flowers will appear on this shrub.  And in fall, those flowers will give way to literally HUNDREDS of orchid colored berries! It is deer resistant and will grow 4-5 feet tall.  It is believed by many to be a natural mosquito repellent and is actually used for this purpose throughout the South!

Columnar Apples – Full-size delicious apples growing on a slender tree shaped like a column, in a large container in a sunny spot.  What??  That’s crazy!  And yet here it is!  How terrific!  A pretty and fruitful tree that can be grown even in small yards or on a deck or patio – who would have thought?  Get two or more varieties for cross pollination purposes and put them where they will get lots of full sun.  You can expect fruit the first year and the older they get, the more apples they will yield.  Super healthy and disease-resistant, the columnar apple tree can also be planted in the ground if you prefer.  While they will grow 8 to 10 feet talk, they will remain only about two feet in diameter.

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