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The Importance of Pre-Planning for Spring Planting – what’s the big deal?

In January & February, when you’re not planting, you should be planning!  Take measurements, study photographs, browse through magazines and on-line for pictures.  In winter your landscape is a blank canvas so it is easier to imagine what you want and where you want it. 

Start planning the improvements and additions you want to implement so that come spring, you can hit the ground running!  It wouldn’t hurt to come browse through the greenhouses and the tree and shrub department for ideas too.  Browsers are always welcome!

When you consider how quickly those spring weeks go by, it really IS a big deal to hit the ground running! If you don’t already have a plan in place, or at least some good ideas about what direction you want to take, then you can spend so much time choosing and deciding that there’s not much time left for actual planting! Here are a few ideas to get you started…

Take pictures of your landscape as-is from a variety of angles. Study the pics and think about where you would like to see gardens, trees and/or shrubs added in. Consider hardscaping, too. A water pond? A pathway? A trellis? New outdoor lighting? All are worthy of consideration.

Once you have an idea where, for instance, you would like to put a flower garden or a shade tree, start looking online and in magazines for ideas about what types you want to choose. Our own Tree and Shrub Department is always full of great ideas! Remember to consider the amount of light needed when you plant and – for trees and shrubs – consider what the full-grown size will be so that you allow enough space.

Maybe an herb garden is in your future! Perhaps a flower garden specifically designed to attract butterflies or humming birds! From traditional English gardens to an Oriental theme, there are literally hundreds of possibilities. That’s why it is better to start planning now so that when spring arrives you’ll be ready to get going and get growing!


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