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Caring For a New Addition to the Family

Caring For a New Addition to the Family

Caring For a New Addition to the Family

You’re not just planting a new tree or shrub, you know.  You’re adding to your landscape family of beauty!  Okay, okay, we get carried away sometimes, but we LOVE our trees and shrubs and get excited when we adopt them out to families like yours!

When you are planting all those gorgeous trees and shrubs you pick up here at EJC, be sure to “water in” these new additions. This means that after planting, you should slowly and thoroughly soak the soil around the tree or shrub. This deep watering helps compact the soil around the roots, which gives support to the plant.  And since great roots are ESSENTIAL to a successful planting, our Fertilome Root Stimulator is a must-have. Two to three applications of this important product applied to the root zone (of trees, shrubs, AND perennials too) is just the growing edge you need for your new landscape additions.

You can also check out our blog on watering plantings and apply Root Stimulator here.

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