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Talkin’ Tropics

Talkin’ Tropics

Talkin’ Tropics

Never in the history of Evergreen of Johnson City have we had a selection THIS BIG of tropical plants!  So big, in fact, we had to open a new greenhouse just to house them!  Each one is strong and healthy and ready to take home today and bring a touch of the tropics to YOUR space.

We’ve just added a new supplier of tropical houseplants all the way from California, plus some actually coming from Hawaii!! Add those to our current growers from Florida and Canada, and you come up with an even more impressive array of tropical plants than anywhere!  And with this amazing selection of growers, we can even take special orders of practically any tropical you desire.

Evergreen of Johnson City Greenhouse



Here are a few easy tips from our experts to successfully growing tropicals right here in your East Tennessee/SW VA home:




LIGHT – This varies from plant to plant. Some require high light exposure, but others can tolerate fairly low level lighting. Check the detailed instructions posted with the plants or if you can just ask any of our staff for advice.  It’s just a matter of picking the right plant for the right spot!

WATER – This, too, is going vary since some prefer to be more drier and others need more constant moisture. Again, advice and instruction from our staff of tropic lovers will be happy to help. The key is once it is determined it is time to water, do so very thoroughly to a point where the water actually runs out of the drainage hole. Once that is done, make sure the plant does not remain sitting in excess water.

FERTILIZATION –  Easy peasy!  Fertilize during spring and summer but greatly reduce the strength and frequency in fall and winter. Naturally we have great tropical plant fertilizers here at EJC that we can personally recommend. 

There is a houseplant to fit every need in our greenhouses!

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