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Take a Stroll with Us

Take a Stroll with Us

Take a Stroll with Us

Need a break from being a Mall walker? Become an EJC walker! If you’re looking for a little exercise, how about a stroll around our greenhouse a few times!  Our walkways are concrete, wide enough if you need a walker, and we even have wheelchairs if you need more assistance.  Instead of just exercising your limbs, exercise all your senses with the colors and fragrances and lush greenery that will surround you in our sunny greenhouses, no matter what the weather outside!

In the mood for a trip to the tropics?  Wander over to our tropical plants like Fiddleleaf Fig, Palms, Ferns, Mother in law  and Snake plants, waiting to charm you into thinking you’re in the islands!

Looking for bright lush colors to brighten a dull gray day?  Feast  your eyes on the rich hues of our Moth orchids (very home-owner friendly), vivid Croton Petra and Peace Lily!  We also offering winter-hardy pansies in full bloom to plant outdoors, plus spring flowers that have been force-bloomed to enjoy indoors including daffodil, hyacinth and tulips!

Ready for fragrance to transport you?  Just follow your nose to our Herb selection, close your eyes and inhale the sweet smells of pineapple, lavender, mint and even chocolate!  And don’t miss our miniature orange, lime and lemon trees full of super fragrant blooms and buds.

Feel like a jaunt to the desert?  Check out our fascinating cactus, many of which sport colorful blooms and all of which bring home the striking beauty of white sands!

Can’t afford a vacation right now?  Just come to Evergreen of Johnson City, spend 30 minutes walking through our greenhouses and come away refreshed, renewed, and rejuvenated – no charge!

Plus, when the warm temperatures of Spring come, enjoy a walk through our Founder’s Garden and our water gardens. Have a picnic with the kids or your loved one and relax in the sunshine!

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