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Garden Supplies & Décor

When it comes to gardening, no one knows it better than we do. We carry the area’s highest quality of plants, but we also carry quality gardening tools to help you keep your plants healthy for years to come. From lawn care and garden essentials to outdoor decor and landscaping material, we want to help you maintain the beautiful garden you’ve created with the help of our garden shop.

Lawn Care

We are proud to carry the highest quality lawn care products in our shop. We offer grass seed, lawn fertilization, lime, spreaders, soil amendments, sprinklers, and weed preventers and killers for lawn weeds. We also carry our Four-Step Lawn Program to help ensure a beautiful, thick, and weed-free lawn.

Garden Essentials

We know that not everyone is born with a green thumb, but with the help of our top quality garden essentials, we can help you have abundant plant life every time. We carry bulk and bagged mulches, sand, rock, pine needles, straw bales, seed, and seed starting supplies. We also carry varying types of fertilizers including organic, all-purpose, and those more specific to particular plant needs. We carry a wide rang of soils including potting soil, topsoil, composted cow manure, other soil amendments. Additionally, we have bug killers, weed killers, animal repellent, and disease control options along with watering cans, water hoses, and gloves. 

Home & Garden Decor

Adding outdoor décor to your home and garden are the finishing touches that make it unique and memorable. We have a wide selection of outdoor décor including wind chimes, flags, rain gauges, fairy garden accessories, terrariums, unique planters, statuary, and flag poles. We also have lanterns, outdoor canvases, indoor fountains, birdbaths, bird-feeders, bird food and more.

Pottery & Concrete

We are proud to offer a diverse selection of pottery and outdoor concrete structures. We carry everything from ceramic glazed pots, terra cotta pots, plastic pots and durable outdoor pots, to concrete benches, tables, concrete pedestals, outdoor fountains, benches, stepping stones, and concrete statuary.

Mulch, Soil & Gravel

After you’ve done your planting, mulching and topsoil can help complete your landscape design. We carry bulk hardwood, bagged pine mulches, bulk and bagged composted cow manure, bulk and bagged topsoil, topsoil, and composted cow manure blend for gardens and landscape beds. We also carry an assortment of bulk and bagged landscape rocks.