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Stop Weeds Before They Start

Stop Weeds Before They Start

Stop Weeds Before They Start

A Pre-Emergent applied now will stop weeds like crabgrass and goosegrass before they take hold in your lawn grass!  Let’s talk about what to use and how to use it…

Our top picks for pre-emergent weed killers include Hi-Yield Weed and Grass Stopper, which designed especially to be used in mulched flower beds and shrub beds.  To prevent weeds in your lawn grass, we choose Fertilome All SeasonsBoth of these preventatives need to be used ASAP!

Most post-emergent weed killers (ones that kill weeds that are already alive) are ineffective this time of year.  You have to wait until May for it to be warm enough for them to be effective.  BUT THERE IS ONE EXCEPTION!  Fertilome Weed Free Zone herbicide is designed to work in this early spring cool weather so you do not have to wait to attack those weeds.  It is available in a liquid spray and also in granular form, ready to start working to eliminate the weeds waiting to pop up in your lawn .  And if you choose the granules, note that they also include a lawn fertilizer – nice bonus!

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