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It’s likely  most of your beautiful spring bulbs have lost their flowers so now is the time to deadhead spent blooms from bulb flowers like tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, but don’t remove the foliage yet. Wait until it has either yellowed or will pull off easily with only a slight tug.  Leaving the foliage makes the bulbs stronger for another great show next spring!

While you have bulbs on the brain, go ahead and plant some summer flowering bulbs like gladioli, dahlia, and oriental lily, to name a few. These will provide beautiful summer color before!

summer bulbs

TIP FROM THE PROS: If you have critters like voles and  squirrels who love to dine on bulbs, place some wire chicken wire around the bulbs as you place them into the ground to prevent them from getting nibbled on or disturbed.

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