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Poinsettia Paradise

Poinsettia Paradise

Poinsettia Paradise

A simple red poinsettia says CHRISTMAS  like few other things do.  It’s a beautiful, living reminder that the holidays are upon us and serves as a festive reminder of season at home or at work.  But until you have seen OUR poinsettia collection here at Evergreen of Johnson City, you have no idea just how spectacular a poinsettia can be!!

Here are some of the amazing colors and color blends we offer in our greenhouses in 6 1/2″ pots:

*Brilliant, traditional red, of course!

*Creamy “white” which actually appears as a very pale yellow.

*A TRUE white poinsettia called Pure White

*Ice Punch – Pink/red bracts with a feathery white center

*Gold Rush – Beautiful golden bracts

*Christmas Ribbons – Rich peppermint-style bracts

*Princettia Dark Pink and Light Pink – Amazing shades of pink in these two!

*Harlequin Poinsettia – Famous double blooms and curled bracts

*Marble Poinsettia – Pink, yellow and white blends reminiscent of a Monet!

*Ice Crystal – Dark pink with a light pink center

And available in 8″ size pots:

*Red Glitter – Bold white spots and splashes against a gorgeous red, and

*Tri-Color, featuring red, pink and white blooms.

And here are some tips on keeping your poinsettias fresh all season:

*A sunny south-facing window is ideal for poinsettias but anywhere they will get bright filtered light will work.

*If you put them in front of a window, avoid letting the leaves press up against the cold pane – it can damage the leaves.

*Cooler temperatures indoors – around 68 degrees – are ideal.

*Water regularly and keep the plant evenly moist, but don’t allow water to gather at their feet. Empty the saucer or planter of water shortly after adding water.

*A few leaves, especially interior ones, may turn yellow and drop off after bringing your plant home.  Not to worry!  This is a normal reaction as it acclimates to its new surroundings.


(Photo Gallery credit to a supplier of our Poinsettia’s – Sunbelt Greenhouses)


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