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Plant Perennials for Permenant Pizzazz

Plant Perennials for Permenant Pizzazz

Plant Perennials for Permenant Pizzazz

There are three main reasons gardeners choose to add perennials to their landscape.

  1. The incredible variety! No one else offers the amazing selection of perennials that you’ll find there at Evergreen of Johnson City. Powerful colors, fancy foliage, shade-lovers, sun-lovers, you name it – no matter what your growing conditions or your personal tastes, there IS a perennial (probably several) that you’ll love in our selection.
  2. The value! Annuals have to be replenished seasonally but perennials – when cared for properly – will continue to bloom and flourish and grow every year. Your initial investment in a perennial will continue to reward you with its color and beauty for years to come.
  3. Perennials are time-savers! Lots of us want to just plop a plant in the ground then sit back and enjoy. Again, with just a little trimming and occasional feeding, most perennials will take off all on their own.

Out of the hundreds from perennials types that we have in our greenhouse, here are some of our Greenhouse Guru Sheila’s favorite perennial picks for fall planting 2017!

  • Coral Bells “Peach Melba”  & “Georgia Peach” have beautiful color and especially compliments fall colors during the autumn season. Plus, Coral Bells are some of the easiest perennials to grow! We have these two varieties and even more ranging in colors such as green, red/orange, dark purple, burgundy, & more.
  • Dryopteris “Autumn Fern” holds a beautiful color all season long. Plus, perennial ferns are easy peasy to grow! They can really brighten up the shade garden and come in different sizes, colors, & textures.
  • Lobelia “Queen Victoria” makes a stunning background plant with bright flowers and beautiful dark foliage. It’s a garden stunner for sure!


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