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 Opening your landscape to the birds for the season brings so many wonderful rewards – a musical background from their beautiful song, a colorful respite of blues and reds from the often-gray days of winter, and the good feeling you’ll get inside knowing you’re helping some of nature’s loveliest creatures!

Evergreen of Johnson City has a complete Bird Feeding Department designed to set you up with whatever you need to attract and care for birds, especially during the winter months when their food supply and shelter is harder to come by.

We offering a variety of feeders and bird houses, and a great selection of bird seed.  We have seed mixes designed to attract specific birds, in case there is a particular type you’d like to invite in! Bird baths are an important source of water in the wintertime and Evergreen of Johnson City even has little gadgets you can add to the water to keep it from freezing over so that the water stays accessible.

Be sure pick up a few bags of our  Wild Delight birdfood line – it’s getting rave reviews from EJC customers!   And ask about our Frequent Buyer program that earns you free bags of birdfood.

And when you’re looking for ideas to help out the birds, be sure to think long-term as well with a stroll over to our Tree and Shrub Department.  There are many varieties that offer food, shelter, or nesting spaces, or even all three.  Dot your landscape with these and you’ll be rewarded all winter long with the sweet songs and pretty colors of birds who  check in for the season!

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