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October Gardening Calendar

October Gardening Calendar

October Gardening Calendar

(Note: Some tasks from last month can carry over into this month due to the closeness in the season. If you have already performed any of these tasks, enjoy the feeling of having that task complete!)


  • Apply step 3 Fertilome lawn fertilizer with weed preventer. Click here for a link to Evergreen’s 4 Step DIY lawncare program. (DO NOT apply if you will be overseeding with grass seed this fall. In that case, just apply your Fertilome Classic Lawn Food to prepare for the grass seed.)
  • If you haven’t put down any pre-emergent weed preventer, this is a great time to sow grass seed! The cooler temps, sunny days and increased rain is perfect for germination.


  • Although trees and shrubs can be planted year round, Fall is the BEST time for planting.


  • Clean and store garden tools
  • Carve a Jack O’ Lantern for Halloween!
  • Bring houseplants inside and give a does of Fertilome Systemic Insecticide granules to kill any pests living in the soil.
  • Remove weeds (still an important step to help prevent more spread of seed germination)


  • Ensure that your fall crops are getting enough water. As the temps cool, less water will be needed.
  • Plant cover crops in the garden, if desired.
  • You can start fall crop seeds or directly plant transplants now. We have a great selection of seed and plants for you to choose from!


  • Plant perennials now to prepare for beautiful Spring blooms!
  • After first frost, cut back perennials that have faded and browned such as Hosta, Coneflower, Daylily, & Sedum. (Have a question about a particular perennial? Give us a call!)
  • Cut back Banana trees and cover with straw, pine needles, or pine bark soil conditioner to help protect over the winter.
  • October is a great time to divide Asiatic and Oriental Lillies, Hosta, Peony, Daylily, Oriental Poppy, & Sedum. Read more about dividing perennials at Costa Farms.


  • Plant mixed pots of Pansies, Violas, Cabbage, Kale & Swiss Chard.
  • Plant Spring blooming bulbs such as Tulips, Crocus, & Daffodil. Read more about planting bulbs here
  • Pull stray weeds in flower beds
  • Store clay and non-frost proof ceramic pots indoors for the winter. Use a scrub brush and hose to clean them out and once they dry, store in a protected place such as a garage. TIP: Store clay pots separately. Do not stack them as they can expand and become very difficult to seperate


  • Adding new plants and fish are among those things often done in spring but can be done at any time of the year from Spring thru fall.
  • Always keep some Dechlorinator “Pond Detox” on hand in the case of an accidental condition of overfilling with tap water. Often pond owners will add water to the water garden from their tap water source having chlorine and other metals present. Any time more than 20-25% of the pond’s water volume is added new, a dechlorinator product should be added to ensure that your fish are not killed. Chlorine in heavier volume will kill pond hard fish. Most pond owners have experienced accidentally leaving on a water hose too long to only find out that they don’t have a dechlorinating product on hand. We advise to always keep some on hand for when this may occur.

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