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Here at Evergreen of Johnson City, we’re constantly choosing new products to introduce to you, hoping to make your gardening experience more successful, easier and more affordable!  Here are few things that are new this season, that we think you’re going to love like we do!

  • Since raised bed gardening is all the rage for both flowers and veggies, we are now offering lots of raised bed gardening supplies. The selection includes Daddy Pete’s Raised Bed Mix available in bags.  We also offer ready-to-use/assemble raised beds in wood, recycled plastic, black fabric, and the popular Earthbox and accessories.
Blank foil or polythene bag for food: coffee, cocoa, sweets, olives, sauce. Packaging collection. Vector illustration.

Daddy Pete’s raised bed mix is a combo of composted cow manure, aged pine bark, sand, perlite, & gypsum. Excellent for veggies, flowers, & herbs. Use in raised beds & containers to allow controlled drainage & moisture for your plants.

  • Check out our water soaker hoses that are specially cut to fit raised bed gardens.  Our raised bed selection also includes Fox Farm natural fertilizers, along with our special compost/cow manure mix to use in raised beds – it is available loose, ready to dump in your truck bed or by the bag.
  • Good news for flower lovers – pick up our new Bonide Rose Shield – just mix two tablespoons per gallon of water and spray it on practically  all non-edibles for systemic control of insects AND diseases.  It won’t wash off!
    rose shield
  • Also new in the store are our Bloem Self-Watering pots, perfect for busy bees who don’t always remember to water.  We have them in several colors and also in models designed to sit on the rail of your porch or deck!

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