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Look Out for Brown Patch

Look Out for Brown Patch

Look Out for Brown Patch

Brown Patch, a common lawn disease caused by a fungus,  and it thrives in hot weather. It begins as an irregularly shaped spot of brown grass that soon enlarges into a big dead patch.  And who wants THAT in their yard?  Yech!  Here’s how to treat it…

As soon as Brown Patch appears in your lawn grass, treat it and the healthy grass around it with Fertilome F-Stop Granules applied with a traditional fertilizer spreader. It is also available in a spray can called Fertilome Systemic Fungicide.  Use it according to label directions (you would think that would be obvious but it’s crazy how people decide to get creative with written directions!).  The good news is that if treated, your lawn will eventually recover from the unsightly mess Brown Patch makes in your otherwise pretty lawn.

As always, it is best to take preventative measures so next year, keep these tips in mind:

  • Always water lawn grass in the morning so it will be absorbed by evening.  Watering too late in the day can lead to fungal diseases, Brown Patch among them.
  • We highly recommend using a new improved fescue blend of grass seed called The Falcons. It is much more resistant to summer fungal diseases like Brown Patch. And as a bonus, this blend is also more drought tolerant AND has more green color in summer!
  • Also, if you want to “green up” your grass, do NOT apply lawn foods with nitrogen in them during the summer months.  Nitrogen will increase the likelihood of Brown Patch.  Instead apply Ironite. It has no nitrogen and will green things up nicely.

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