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Pick summer veggies on a regular basis. Beans, squash, okra, and others grow tough and/or bitter if left on the plant too long.  Prime picking time is first thing in the morning. Read more about harvesting summer vegetables…

  • Picking snap beans is a two-handed job – use both hands to pick because bean stems are notoriously easy to break!  Just hold the stem in one hand and pick with the other.
  • Watermelons ripen in about two weeks time – don’t over-water since that can reduce the sweetness! (Same rule holds for cantaloupe and honeydew – dryer results is sweeter!)  When the green changes from bright to dull, and the part that is lying on the ground becomes a creamy yellow color, that usually indicates it’s ripe for the pickin’.
  • Pumpkins are ready when they are in full orange color, their skin is tough and the stems dries out. When you cut the stems, leave at least an inch on the pumpkin.
  • If you pull your peppers by hand, you’ll find that you usually end up with the whole stem in your hand!  Better to use garden shears and cut them off.
  • As soon as cucumbers are big enough to use, they’re ready to be picked!  You don’t want to damage the fine so use clippers for a neat cut.
  • Poke a kernel!  To tell if your sweet corn is ripe, poke it with a fingernail.  If a light milky liquid comes out, it’s ready.  If the liquid is a thicker creamy milky liquid, they are too ripe – not nearly as tasty!  And if the liquid is clear, they’re not done yet – be patient.

The time is coming soon to plant fall veggie crops, as well. We all will surely welcome the cool weather in a couple months!

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