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Snails and slugs – blech.  They are an inevitable sight in May but the GOOD news is that you can – and should – put a stop to them.  They are determined little buggers but this is a war you can win – and we’ve got the weapon to ensure your victory!

They’re not just gross.  Snails and slugs are a real danger to your garden, your lawn grass – pretty much anything growing that gets in their way!    New generations of them will start appearing soon as well and once their number multiplies, so does the damage.  They will eat almost any flower you can name and love to chomp on grass blades too.  They’ll eat almost any vegetable leaves and are particularly fond of tender young carrots.  In short, no place is safe from potential snail and slug damage.

Your weapon?  Slug Magic Pellets!  Applying them is as easy as sprinkling them around your gardens and grass.  this new improved formula is completely safe for  birds, even if they were to ingest it, so that’s a plus.  But most important it is a GREAT deterrent to snails and slugs AND costs only $14.99.

If you prefer an all natural alternative, we have that, too: Natural Diatomaceous Earth is completely safe for us, pets and the environment.

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