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February Lawn Tips

February Lawn Tips

February Lawn Tips

In February, we recommend you test your soil pH to determine if lime is needed and if so, how much.  We have easy, affordable tests available for do-it-yourselfers.

Remember, too, that the end of February marks the beginning of grass sowing time!  You can sow your grass seed any time from then into early March. Our top recommendation for grass seed is “The Falcons” – a blend of 3 hybrid fescues. In addition to a gorgeous dark green grass color, this blend shows significant resistance in summer diseases which is a huge problem locally. Count on it to provide you with many years of beauty and durability. If you are sowing grass this Spring, it is very important to remember to NOT apply any weed or crabgrass preventer. It will do it’s job so well that your new grass seed won’t sprout!

For those of you who do not plan on putting down any grass seed, February through March is a great time to apply Step 1 of our 4 Step Lawn Care program. Read more about our 4 Step Lawn Program here.

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