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Caring for Bird Friends During the Winter

Caring for Bird Friends During the Winter

Caring for Bird Friends During the Winter

For many birds, their only source of food and shelter in the freezing winter days ahead is YOU!  Don’t let them down – use this month to prepare your yard and landscape for their arrival.  They will reward you all season long with by adding their beautiful songs and striking colors to otherwise drab winter days!

  • Put out an extra birdhouse or two. The birds will appreciate a warm haven during cold winter days. We have basic classics, fancy living houses, and everything in between!

  • Add a birdbath so they do not run out of water – consider a deicer to keep it accessible even during the coldest days.
  • Stock up on a good general bird food that will satisfy all who show up to eat!
  • We have a big variety of bird feeders too since different types of birds prefer eating out of different styles of feeders.
  • Are squirrels a problem? We also offer squirrel-proof birdfeeders. We have had customers who have had great success with Cole’s Hot Meats birdfood. Birds love it but squirrels hate it!  If you want to offer the squirrels an alternative, we sell inexpensive ears of dried corn and the feeders that hold them so the squirrels can enjoy a meal of their own.
  • Let Mother Nature provide food and shelter to by planting trees and shrubs for wintering birds.  Ones that offer yummy berries to fill their tummies include Nandina, Holly, Beautyberry, Winterberry Holly, Chokeberry, Dogwoods,  Hawthorn and Serviceberry (just to name a few).  You can assure them of shelter and nesting places by planting Evergreens like Spruce, Cypress, and Arborvitae!  Their lush branches provide protection from the cold and from predators as well.

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