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Tropicals are a hot topic this month because it’s time to start thinking about moving them indoors for the upcoming cold weather. Since these plants thrive strictly in warm & hot temperatures, they cannot survive if left outdoors once summer ends. Many tropical plants can live for multiple years if you just bring them indoors during fall & winter. Containers plants like Ficus Trees, Peace Lily, Norfolk Pine, Schefflera, Gardenia, Hibiscus, Palms & more should be brought indoors soon but there are a few steps you should take before bringing them into your home.

First, make sure you are not bringing inside any tiny bugs or critters than have been vacationing in your tropical plants. The best way to do this is an application of Bonide Systemic houseplant Insect Control. It will thoroughly rid the plant and soil of mites, mealy bugs, scale, or any other freeloaders attached to the plant. Remember – many of these bugs will multiply like crazy once they get inside your home, so make sure they don’t get the chance.

314951If you have an attached garage or breezeway with a decent amount of filtered sunlight, it’s a good idea to move the plants there for a week or two to get them acclimated to the change of light conditions indoors. Once inside, a room with a south-facing window is ideal for many tropicals, although desert plants like Cactus will do fine almost anywhere in the home.

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