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Walk around outside, free your imagination, and start dreaming about changes and additions you’d like to make in your landscape next season.  This is the perfect time while the yard is mostly bare to take a good look and start mentally picturing what you’d like to see!  Start with the evergreens and other trees and shrubs that are the backbone of every landscape, and just imagine what comes next!

Flower Gardens, vegetable gardens, water gardens, new groupings of trees and shrubs including ornamental varieties, hardscape features like pathways and lighting, irrigation and on and on and on!  There are so many possibilities that you may want to enlist one of our landscape design professionals to assist you.  Now is the time to approach them since the closer we get to spring, the busier they will get.  Take some pictures and jot down your ideas, then call and make an appointment – we’d love to discuss your landscape dreams with you!

Click here to see the various services we offer in our landscape installation department. 

This is also the perfect month to let us develop and set up a customized landscape maintenance package for you for the coming year.  Lots of folks choose to spend more time playing or relaxing and less time tending the landscape.  We will design a plan to take care of everything from lawn fertilization and weed control to professional pruning and edging, so you can spend more time enjoying the seasons!

Click here to see the maintenance tasks we can help you with.

Are you more of a DIY’er? Come in and browse and talk to our helpful professionals about the best options for your home!

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