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What is more beautiful than the lush colors of azaleas that have been blooming all over town? Plant some in your landscape today and you’ll enjoy decades of their vibrant spring colors. You can choose the classic traditional azaleas that bloom in late spring or opt for the re-blooming Bloom-A-Thon Azaleas that show off their colors all summer long. Whichever you choose, you’ll never regret planting gorgeous azaleas.

For the traditional variety that bloom in April, fertilize your azaleas right after they bloom; then at May’s end (when new growth has ended)  prune some of it off to create a fuller, better shape. On the other hand, re-blooming azaleas like Bloom-a-Thon bloom in April AND again July.  They need to be pruned within just a week or two of that first blooming.  Prune later than that and you will be pruning off the growth that creates the flower buds which blooms later in the summer.


Azaleas have been a staple of the garden for many years and for good reason – they are reliable & gorgeous bloomers!

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