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Trees & Shrubs

Featuring hundred of possibilities for your landscape, we specialize in varieties that have proven track records for our local growing conditions. In fact, we are so confident that our trees and shrubs are the best available, we back them up with our exclusive Lifetime Tree and Shrub Guarantee. If you’re not sure how to get your trees and shrubs home and into the ground, we have delivery and planting services available.


Shrubs are the perfect way to add beauty, fullness, and privacy to your landscape.

We only carry shrubs that will thrive in our unique climate and soil. Whether you choose a shrub because of it’s flowers, foliage color, or height, our experienced tree & shrub team can help you select the right varietal for your location, sun exposure, and maintenance level.


Trees can add privacy, color, and even increase the value of your home.  We only offer trees that we know will thrive in this region. Our tree and shrub team can help you select the right tree for your home to increase curb appeal and serve the function you envision. We can help you from the selection process to the delivery and planting of the tree or trees you choose to help ensure that your tree will flourish at your home.

Fruit Trees & Berry Bushes

There’s nothing like picking a fresh piece of fruit off of your own fruit tree. Not only do fruit bearing plants provide healthy food for years with little upkeep, they are beautiful additions to any yard. We only carry fruit plants that will thrive in this area. From flowering perennial trees to luscious annual strawberry vines, we carry fruit bearing plants that will thrive in your own backyard.