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Raised bed gardening has become so popular and Evergreen of Johnson City offers the most extensive collection of options to be found in our area!  Everything from black fabric Smart Pots to recycled plastic stackables for extra soil depth, from long-lasting cedar raised beds to specifically cut soaker hoses to fit particular raised beds – we have it all!  We’re also offering Daddy Pete’s Raised Bed soil mix – specifically blended with the exact nutrients and soil pH needed to make your raised bed garden a success. No matter the size you are searching for – we can help you find the right raised bed choice for your needs.

One of the most popular raised bed gardening items we offer is Earthboxes, and now we have a brand new addition to that line for YOUNGER gardeners!

Earthboxes are unique, sub-irrigated planters meticulously designed to give even inexperienced gardeners professional results.  Whether growing flowers or vegetables, the amazing features contained in each Earthbox make gardening simple and make your results downright terrific!

 We now also offer Earthbox Junior – a smaller version specifically designed for younger children to grow a few veggies or flowers or even an herb garden.  The simple act of gardening can teach kids some pretty wonderful lessons while they’re having fun – patience, responsibility, and the joy of reaping the results of your labors, just to name a few.  These make a wonderful gift idea for kids, too! 

Come in and ask our associates today about the best raised bed for you!

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