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Greenhouse Plants

Our renowned greenhouses are unparalleled in East Tennessee. We have an amazing array of colorful seasonal annuals, hardy perennials, vegetables & herbs. We also have a huge selection of tropicals and houseplants from simple greenery to unique choices such as orchids, carnivorous plants, bonsai, and miniature terrarium plants. If we didn’t mention it, chances are we have it too.  Whether you are searching for a particular plant or just looking for new ideas for you landscape or home, you will be sure to find it in our greenhouses which are open year round.


Do you want to plant a colorful garden, or create a container for your porch, or a beautiful display for your landscape? Evergreen has exactly the selection you need. Our knowledgable greenhouse team can help you with your designs and ensure you make the right selections for your location, sun exposure, and maintenance level.

We feature an impressive array of colorful, high-quality seasonal annuals and pre-made container gardens.


Looking for an easy care plant that will come back year after year? Or maybe an unusual perennial to add to your backyard garden space? Evergreen’s vast array of quality perennials will satisfy both the amateur and the seasoned gardener. Our greenhouse team will help you make the right selection to compliment your landscape.

In our perennial selections, you can find shade plants and ground covers, plants for your cutting garden or to attract butterflies, and perennials that do well in containers or vines to maximize your vertical space.

Vegetables / Herbs

We are excited to provide high-quality vegetables and herbs, especially as the trend for kitchen gardening is on the rise. We have a very broad variety of savory and sweet herbs, spices, tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, greens and other vegetables.

Our greenhouse team can assist with finding the right combination and quantity of edibles for your garden space, whether its a container on the porch or a large plot in the backyard.


Houseplants are a great way to accessorize a room. And they’re easy to grow! You can choose from our classic African violets, tall orchids that bloom for months, small trees, or vines. Cacti and succulents dress up window sills with little care. Houseplants also help to clean the air in your home.