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Here are the ABC’s of Pansy & Violas. Pansies and their little sister, Violas, can be counted on to provide vibrant color against a winter landscape.  They are remarkably sturdy plants and with only a little help from you, they will thrive right through next spring!
When planting, be careful not to tear the roots when you remove the plant from the growing pot.  Do not plant very deep, and be sure the soil drains well.  If it doesn’t, add in some coarse sand to help drainage.  DO NOT use “play sand”.  It won’t work.  We have bags of Builders Sand which do the job nicely.
After planting, use some Fertilome Root Stimulator for the first few weeks to help them root well.  Do not overwater, particular when you plant them containers – water once week at most.  And when temps dip below 20 degrees, relocate moveable containers into an unheated garage if possible.  (Don’t worry if yours are planted in the ground – they will bounce back, as pansies always do!)
A light covering of pine needles in the coldest months works much better than a heavy mulch.  This is because they are actively growing and you don’t want to completely block the sun. Fertilize with a slow-releasing fertilizer like  Fertilome Bedding Plant Food.

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