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Ornamental Grasses – Year Round Beauty

Ornamental Grasses – Year Round Beauty

Ornamental Grasses – Year Round Beauty

Like many plants, ornamental grasses come alive with beauty and color in the spring and summer – but don’t overlook what they can add to your landscape in the fall and winter months too! Many grasses, once they enter the dormant season, still add interest and movement and texture to a landscape as their leaves sway gently against winter winds.  The selection of ornamental grasses is genuinely HUGE, offering a size and feature for every taste preference, including yours!

From Maiden Grass to Pennisetum, from Pampass Grass to Muhly, plus Switch Grass and tons more, the variety is immense and you’ll be hard-put to walk away with just one or two!  (Besides they look soooo good in large groupings!)  They are traditionally low maintenance and are as close as you get as can get in landscaping to a sure-thing.  By the time spring arrives they will be well-rooted and ready to start growing in time for a terrific showing next summer – especially if you add some Daddy Pete’s Cow Manure to the soil when planting and follow it up with an application or two of Fertilome Root Stimulator.  Since fall is such a premium time for planting, this is the ideal month to add some ornamental grasses to your landscape.  We maintain a great selection of them here in our greenhouses at EJC year round.

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