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Herbs for Indoor Growing

Herbs for Indoor Growing

Herbs for Indoor Growing

No need to wait until spring to start growing new herbs – you can satisfy your green thumb right now by choosing herbs suitable for starting indoors. Just pick a nice sunny location for them to enjoy the winter, then come spring and summer, you can move them outside for a great big burst of growth.  Best of all, you’ll find these herbs available today in our EJC Greenhouses!  Here are a few to get you started…

Lemon Verbena:  It’s sweet lemon flavor is yummy in teas or smoothies and great to dress up a meat dish, too!  It’s also a beautiful plant that will grow quite large when planted in your garden outside.   But one of the nicest parts of having it inside is that its refreshing fragranced is released into the air every time you rub the leaves. Enjoy!

Rosemary:  Its woodsy, citrus-like fragrance is popular for its medicine uses as well as for use in cooking!  It gives a wonderful flavor to sauces and stews, while its fragrance is famed for improving mood and relieving stress.

Sweet Marjoram:  Related to oregano, like the name says, marjoram is sweeter!  Fresh leaves are especially yummy in Italian cuisine and vegetable dishes.  Some folks like to rub the leaves on fresh meats or add it to meatloaf for and extra kick of flavor.

Pineapple Sage:  Inside, it will emit a pineapple fragrance and when it flowers in summer, the blooms are delicious in fruit cocktail and salads with a taste similar to honeysuckle.  And hummingbirds will flock to them!

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