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Give Your Lawn Some Love

Give Your Lawn Some Love

Give Your Lawn Some Love

There is some serious stress on your lawn right now, due to irregular rain patterns and our usual excessive August heat!  Give the lawn grass a break with a few easy steps:

  • Brown patch is unfortunately common in our area this month.  Treat it (and the healthy grass around it, too) with a great fungicide like Fertilome F-Stop (granules applied with spreader) or  Actinovate (a super safe organic powder that you mix with water and spray on.)
  • To help your grass beat the heat and reduce lawn maintenance, keep your lawn mower blade on the highest possible setting.
  • If your lawn is compacted and water pools rather than soaking in, you may simply need to aerate the area.  Our Evergreen of Johnson City Landscaping Department offers this service,  or you can rent a power machine called  an “aerators” and do it yourself!
  • Late summer and fall is an excellent time to green up your lawn. Ironite will do the job nicely with no side effects.  (If you apply traditional lawn fertilizer, wait until October to apply it.)
  • Treat now for beetle eggs that grubs have deposited into lawn grass and will become destructive grubs later on. To control these eggs, apply Hy Yield Kill a Bug granules this month.
  • Weed Control is imperative this month!  Getting rid of weeds now will open up the lawn for grass seed in October and November, allowing grass to grow back in place of the weeds.  Spray those broadleaf weeds with Fertilome Weed-Out.  Remember, too, that Bermuda grass is the one that vines along the ground and roots down everywhere it touches.  The most effective weed control for IT is Hy Yield Triclopyr.

Join us at our Fall Lawncare seminar on September 1st where we will discuss all thing lawncare. You can register here.

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