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Decorating Using Nature

Decorating Using Nature

Decorating Using Nature

One of the most parts of autumn is decorating your home with the bounty nature offers – free!  Get a little creative this year and use some of these tips to inspire you to bring your home to life this fall:

  • Pine Cones  You can make pine cones into almost anything!  A little gold or silver spray paint or au natural, use them to decorate wreaths, dinner tables, centerpieces and more.
  • Red Berries  Snipped from holly or nandina bushes and left on the stem, they look gorgeous alone in a simple small vase!  Use twine to hold them to folded napkins as napkin holders.  Arranged on a mantle among some shiny leaves, they add color and fun to a room.
  • Magnolia leaves  These big shiny leaves can be worked into wreathes or made into seasonal arrangements for any table top.  Center them with pillar candles.
  • Bare branches/twigs  Really!  Spray them with a cool color and center just a few – not too many – in a vase, anchored with some marbles or colored sand.  You’ll be surprised how pretty it looks!
  • Mini Pumpkins/Gourds  Hollow out the right size hole and they make great seasonal candle holes.
  • Regular-Size Pumpkins  In addition to Jack-O-Lanterns, these look great on the front porch, hollowed out, filled with some soil and overflowing with mums or pansies.  We also love the white ones, with initials on them thanks to a stencil and spray paint.
  • Indian Corn  Tied in bundles using some twine, these colorful cobs make pretty arrangements on the porch, the table – almost anywhere!
  • Rosemary & Lavender Clip stalks from the herb garden and arrange them in a rustic wooden box. Set it on a table close to the door so guests catch the lovely scent as soon as them come in.

NOTE:  Use glass vessels to hold anything from berries and leaves to pine cones and evergreen branches!

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