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Cover Up Your Bare Spots (Eek!)

Cover Up Your Bare Spots (Eek!)

Cover Up Your Bare Spots (Eek!)

Look around your landscape – now is the time to zero in on those nasty bare spots that are hanging out for everyone to see!  Now is also the best time to act if you need to seed a whole new yard.  Whether a patch of grass or a field from scratch, let’s get started!

It’s easy, really! 

  1. Just choose your seed – our landscape professionals like Falcons grass seed for its pretty green color and it’s root-spreading ability – then loosen up the soil.
  2. Spread on your seed and sprinkle on some New Lawn Starter fertilizer to give it the nutrients needed to grow strong.
  3. Cover the space with straw (we have that available too).  By acting now, you’ll be looking at a pretty lawn minus bare spots this summer!

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