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Cool Season Weeds

Cool Season Weeds

Cool Season Weeds


There is a particularly tricky variety of weeds known as Cool Season Weeds that actually germinate during winter!  That’s right – while we think of weed control mainly in the spring and summer months, these sneaky weeds need cold weather to germinate and once they do, they take gardeners by surprise by rearing their nicely rooted and heavy heads in early spring.  How to head them off at the pass?  We’re glad you asked! There’s a long list of cool season weeds but two of the worst by far are Chickweed and Henbit.

(Here are pictures of them so you can easily identify them in your lawn and garden) The weeds will continue germinating all winter long. The good news is that there is a weed killer in stock here at EJC to tackle each and every one of them.   One of our top recommendations is Fertilome’s Weed Free Zone – a concentrate that can be sprayed in both lawns and landscaped areas since it will not hurt lawn grass. For contained areas, choose the spray application; but if you are applying it to a larger area, you may find granular applications make more sense for you.  Come let one of our weed control professionals help you get a head start on tricky cool season weeds so they don’t catch you off guard next Spring!

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