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If you like the idea of keeping your plants and vegetables pure and natural, Organic Gardening may be what you’re looking for!

In a nutshell, “organic gardening is a term used to designate that the flowers, herbs or vegetables have not been subjected to any chemical or synthetic fertilizers or herbicides. This distinction also includes the ground they were grown in and how they were treated while producing.”

Evergreen of Johnson City offers a complete line of products designed especially for the Organic gardener, including potting soils, fungicides, insecticides, seeds and more!   We are one of the few gardening centers that also offers OMRI classified products (Organic Materials Review Institute), in addition to a large group of natural/organic products that include:

  • Safer Soap
  • Natural Guard Spinosad
  • Natural Guard Neem
  • Neptune Fish and Seaweed
  • Baccto Veggie Mix
  • Baccto Compost
  • Fertilome Sphagnum peat moss

If this type of gardening sounds like a good fit for you, come by any time and we’ll be glad to go over your options and help you make the right selections to get started.

Organic and Natural Examples at Evergreen of Johnson City

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