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It’s one of the most popular ornamental grasses in our area for landscaping borders, gardens, or almost anywhere! For this touch perennial, early spring care is crucial…

Cutting back of Monkey Grass (“Liriope”) is a must in early spring and is often overlooked by homeowners. Early warming periods in late winter are not unusual but still seem to catch many by surprise.  When this happens, the new growth (called “Pips”) begin to emerge, making it much harder and more tedious to cut back and remove the older foliage from last year.  So get out those shears and cut back your monkey grass now before the “Pips” take the stage!

Note: Monkey Grass leaf blades are pretty tough so you might want to sharpen your pruners/landscape scissors first.  We have the tools and the sharpeners for sale here at EJC in our tool department.

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