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One of my favorite things to do in my garden, other than watering, is to create and place containers throughout the garden with a mixed array of gardening color and styles. Honestly, if it will hold dirt, I’ll fill it full and plant something. I get somewhat carried away and can have as many as 40-50 types of containers scattered throughout my garden. Yes I know that’s a little crazy, but it’s really fun.

Container gardening can be so interesting and though I most commonly use arrangements of annual flowers, some select perennials can also be used such as varieties of Coral Bells which I’ve found being great for containers and hardy throughout the winter season staying in the pots and never being moved.

My favorite thing to do is mix varieties of annuals within the same pot to create a floral flowing like arrangement with taller, medium mounding, and trailing accents within the same pot. I also sometimes just keep simple and place a single variety of items in the pot such as Lantana which is a great heat loving annual that also does great in containers.

One of my favorite combinations is the following:

1-2 Purple Angelonia

1-2 Pink Geraniums

1-2 Tapien Trailing Purple Verbena

1-2 White Snowflake Bacopa

1-2 Lilac Wave Petunias

This combination is one that I repeat yearly in my garden and in other gardens that I maintain for customers. When choosing your container of choice, fill entirely with Evergreen’s blended Bloomkote Potting soil that is a ready to use premixed blend of potting soil with Bloomkote slow release fertilize already added. Plant your annuals and don’t be afraid to pack them in. I can use anywhere from 6-10 plants for a single pot depending on the size of the pot.

The only downfall on container gardening is that you’ll need to be consistent in your watering, but this is what I like about gardening. Watering and playing is my personal time in the garden and can be very stress relieving. Take a shot at container garden …… I know you’ll love it !!

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