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There’s no doubt that when it comes to berry-producing shrubs, the blueberry is the favorite by a long shot. And that’s no surprise as many people enjoy these tasty treats in various deserts, smoothies, in a number of recipes, or simply just like to eat them straight off the shrub or out of the container. 

There are a wide range of blueberry varieties, growing anywhere from 2’ tall to 8-10’ feet, so they can fit in well in just about any kind of garden. Some blueberries, preferably the more compact varieties, can even be grown in containers for use on patios, decks, or in small garden areas.

To ensure the success of your blueberries, make sure you pick a sunny location that receives at least six or more hours of direct sunlight, which will lead to strong blooming and the best growing conditions. Also, good drainage is important so choose a higher location where water would never stand – if needed you can create a slightly raised planting area by mounding the soil.

When installing, always amend the planting site or hole prepared for each plant by adding a good organic amendment, such as Daddy Pete’s Cow Manure. We suggest digging a hole a minimum of twice the width of the container or root ball acquired, but it is even better to prepare a planting site several times wider than the root ball, especially in poorer soil sites.

Aluminum-SulfateNext, blueberries prefer a very acidic or low pH level, preferably between 4.5 and 5.5 pH level. Though soils in Northeast Tennessee tend to be a bit acidic, this almost always requires the use of a soil acidifier, such as HiYield Aluminum Sulphate, during planting. It should also be applied annually on the soil’s surface. Managing the pH level is critical so a low cost spike pH meter should be acquired to help you evaluate your soil’s pH level.

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