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Pansies & Violas – Our Favorite Winter Annuals!

Pansies & Violas – Our Favorite Winter Annuals!

Pansies & Violas – Our Favorite Winter Annuals!

As your colorful summer blooms begin to fade, it’s time to break out everyone’s favorite Fall & Winter annuals! The unstoppable Pansy & it’s tiny cousin, Viola! These affordable bloomers have one of the longest bloom times of ANY annual in any season. Since that bloom time stretches straight from fall through winter and into next spring, you won’t find more color for your buck than in these hardy southern favorites.

With just a little care from you, their happy & bright faces will greet you for months to come. While that care is minimal, it IS important.

We recommend planting as early as you can (but not while it’s still hot). Earlier establishment before winter tends to create a stronger winter hardy annual for winter and spring enjoyment. When you plant your pansies, use Fertilome Premium Bedding Plant Food, a great fertilizer with lower nitrogen and a high dose of phosphorus that benefits these cool season annuals perfectly. This dose of nourishment will help build them up and make them even stronger and healthier. Mulch lightly (1/2″-1″) with Pine Bark Soil Conditioner for moisture & temperature control. Avoid overwatering, even on the hottest days, until good rooting and development is achieved.

pansy food

You are ready to enjoy the bright color of these cheery flowers all winter long!

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