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Our Staff

Tony Valk


Tony is one of the two owners of Evergreen of Johnson City. If you visit the store, you’ll likely spot him helping customers. Tony believes that the key to a successful business is rolling up his sleeves and working alongside his employees. He focuses his attention towards retail activities, advertising, vendor management, product purchases, and accounting. He’s one of our many plant experts and is always happy to answer any gardening question.

Michael Valk


Michael, an owner of Evergreen of Johnson City, is our landscaping and landscaping design expert. He also assists with various retail services including accounting, product management, and purchasing our Tree & Shrub and Water Gardening product lineup. Like his brother, Michael can always be found helping day-to-day customers with a friendly smile. Need help with a new landscaping design? Michael is the person to call.

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Sarah Mcmurray

Landscape Office Manager

Sarah is our landscape office manager and the of Michael Valk. She has a passion for helping customers. She enjoys gardening and landscaping at her own home.

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Andrew Valk

Warehouse Manager

Andrew is our warehouse manager and the son of Tony Valk. He resides in Kingsport with his wife.

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Jessica Claman

Office Manager

Jessica is our office manager and daughter of Michael Valk. She resides in Gray, TN with her husband, son, daughter, & 2 dogs.

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Jen Larsen

Store Manager

Jen is our assistant store manager and joined our team in 1997. She has a knack for problem solving and finding beautiful garden décor. Her favorite thing to do is help customers find creative solutions to their gardening problems. Because of her love of finding unique, affordable decor for the home and garden, she has helped us create one of the most diverse selections of garden gifts in our area.

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Shaun Barr

Store Manager

Shaun is our second store manager. He has an eye for displays, visuals, and making things beautiful. He works alongside Jen in the store in customer service and purchasing decor for the home & garden.

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Chris Lyons

Tree & Shrub Department Manager

Chris is our Tree & Shrub Department manager. He enjoys gardening and extending his knowledge and gardening love to customers.

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Laura France

Water Garden Manager

Laura is our Water Garden Manager. An enthusiast and lover of Water Gardens herself, Laura loves to assist our customers in finding the best plants and fish while problem solving and helping customers have gorgeous water gardens themselves.

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Shelia Mathes

Greenhouse Manager

As Evergreen's greenhouse manager, Sheila has helped us create one of the largest and most impressive displays of houseplants, annuals, perennials, and vegetables in our area. Sheila is one of our expert gardeners and she assists in both managing personnel and merchandise within our stunning greenhouses. If you want to talk to her though, you'll have to walk fast because she’s always hard at work.

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Dennis Bryer

Landscape Designer

With over 15 years of professional gardening experience, Dennis is one of our landscape designers. Dennis has a diverse level of experience that includes knowledge of a wide array of plants and landscape features including water gardens, terracing, patios, and walkways.

Dennis also focuses on specialized maintenance care packages for his clients containing a vast array of services to ensure proper care and upkeep.

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Jerry Guire

Landscape Designer

Jerry currently serves as one of Evergreen's landscape designers.

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Teresa Shaw


Teresa serves in our retail office area handling many different areas of the necessary day to day details.