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Indoor Kitchen Herb Gardens

Indoor Kitchen Herb Gardens

Indoor Kitchen Herb Gardens

 Q: I love the idea of a small herb garden in my kitchen with just a few cooking herbs.  I’d like to know what the lighting  requirements are – space too, since I don’t have much of it! 

Basil, Oregano, Thyme and Sage all add flavor and interest to foods. Of course, nothing beats the flavor of fresh herbs! The great news is – you can grow certain herbs in your very own kitchen! Many herbs, in addition to being tasty additions to your cooking, also lend a fresh appealing scent to your kitchen!  As a bonus – Basil, Lemon Balm or Lemon Verbena, and big variety of mint herbs will delicately scent the air around them. You’ll find indoor herb gardening fun and inexpensive, whether you grow them indoors year-round or just between now and summer when you can move them outside.

Most herbs grow best in full sun, but for the small indoor kitchen herb garden you describe, just place them in a sunny window or where they will be exposed to fluorescent lights for at least 8 hrs daily. Even if a window herb garden is getting some natural light, you should still pick up a Gro Light to make sure it gets all the necessary light it needs. We carry inexpensive Gro Lights that lots of folks choose to use. Remember that later during the growing season, herbs benefit from frequent clipping so keep your small trimmers handy.

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