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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Garden Center

Do we offer a senior citizens discount?

Yes, we offer a senior citizen discount of 15% off regular price items every Tuesday of the week! 

Does my senior discount apply to items already on sale?

No, the senior discount is only applied to the regular price listed on each item. 

What is affecting my Hemlock Tree?

The most common disease that affects hemlock trees is an insect called Hemlock Woolly Adelegid. They are a small aphid-like insect that is most commonly recognized as a dry, white woolly substance on the twigs on hemlocks, and the "wool" covers the mass of insects.


Do we use pesticides on our veggies?

We very seldomly use pesticides on our vegetables, but sometimes control measures are taken. Due to State of Tennessee guidelines, we have a through documentation process on the time of application, pesticides used, and when the restricted entry interval (REI) is for reentry in the spray area. 

Whenever we do spray, no customer or employee traffic is present for 24 hours afterwards. 

Do we carry organic vegetables?

We SEASONALLY carry organically grown, both locally and domestically vegetables in our greenhouse department.

Call (423) 282-3431 for verification on what exact plants we have in stock.

When is it safe to plant outside in our zone?

Our Zone 6A / 7B "last frost date" is around the second week of May, however planting can easily be done before that for Spring plantings! Simple steps of planting as early as possible, mulching with 2" of mulch, applying our Fertilome Root Stimulator for four consecutive weeks, and / or covering the plants with a lightweight and breathable frost cloth can reduce the changes of a late Spring frost disrupting your planting and growing success.  

Trees & Shrubs

When is the best time to prune?

This answer varies with the certain type of plant that you are wanting to prune! Simply come on by to Evergreen of Johnson City or give us a call and we can help inform you when the best time for the pruning to take place! 

What we have in stock?

Throughout all four seasons, we always have a wide variety of trees and shrubs in stock.  Given the Fall and Winter are wonderful planting seasons, we are always constantly growing or replenishing our inventory.  We love shopping for plants just as much as you do, so if we don't have a type you are needing, just ask and we can try and find it for you through one of our many vendors!

When is the best time to plant?

The best of year to plant is the Fall, as temperatures are fairly constant and moisture is plentiful in the soil.  As long as the ground is not frozen, you can plant, but if a deep freeze does come, a deep watering and 2" layer of mulch does absolute wonders for newly planted Fall and Winter plants! 

Evergreen of Johnson City offers THE BEST warranty on trees and shrubs in our area!